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Edit and annotate easily your audio and video

Louï provides the audio editor necessary for any transcription and note taking

Retrieve important passages

Louï provides intelligence research in your audio recordings. Whether you have a few hours or hundreds of hours, you will quickly find the passages that matters to you.

Organize and share your audio recordings

With louï, you can organize your audio recordings into projects. You can work with others by adding users to your projects. And trough effective topic management you can quickly analyze large sets of audio.

Ease records and minutes writting

Louï helps you achieve the perfect report. Thanks to a visual summary, louï allows you to see at a glance what is important in your recording. You can thus create and share the perfect report very quickly!

Record directly with louï

louï is the best scribe on the market to take notes and transcribe in real time a meeting or an interview

.:. Augmented note taking

Simply add topics, and comments through your conversations

.:. Collaborative

You can be several users at the same meeting or interview, for a collaborative transcription and note taking.

.:. Real-time transcription

Louï takes care of transcribing your conversation in real time for even faster analysis!


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Louï analyzes the content to visualize the important passagesxxx
Automatic transcription of audio or video files

15€ per hour

10€ per hour

8€ per hour

Storage of your audio and video recordings
(hosted in France)

2h free


20h free

+ 0.1€ per hour

200h free

+ 0.1€ per hour

9€99 /month
39€99 /month

Transcribe - Take notes - Summarize
become so simple

louï has already transcribed
+ 500.000 minutes
with louï
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